Short Notes in Plastic Surgery



A lot of information in this blog was passed on to me by my teachers who were stalwart general surgeons branching into plastic surgery. As I grew up and became a consultant in plastic surgery by tradition rather than training an atmosphere prevailed in the unit where information was exchanged in the out-patient department on ward rounds and during seminars and I made it a practice of making notings in a book which I still have. By this time some of the trainees had come back from abroad and were supplying fresh information. When the idea of starting these notes germinated, I went back to that book and also consulted my by now rather old copy of Converse’s Plastic Surgery and confirmed that the material that I was jotting down was not factually incorrect. In order to arrange the material in a certain manner I also consulted the later avataars of Converse’s original volumes, edited first by MacCarthy and recently by Mathes. For anatomical details I turned to the ever reliable Grey’s anatomy which in its recent editions has become very surgeon friendly. Having practiced this specialty for 40 years the matter just seemed to flow when I sat down to write. When a problem of detail arose, trainees from my unit who are now pursuing various sub-specialities as well as my peers from abroad were a great help either by way of telephone or by email. The information in this blog is generally in the public domain of plastic surgeons. I am well aware of the humongous work done by my predecessors over a couple of centuries and those who wrote books. The practice of not giving references or attributions during the course of the narration in this blog is to keep the text simple and easily available to trainees and accessible to lay people. As the blog enters various specialities I think more consultations and reference to the above books will become inevitable. This blog is free to download and I have no commercial interest in the venture. I have loved my specialty of plastic surgery which is both beautiful and elegant and not only about beautiful people. That is why these notes.


Ravin Thatte.


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